Jelly Bean Daydream


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    Jelly Bean Daydream

    Don't look back,
    Lest real life
    Steals the rainbows from your eyes.

    Take my hand, let's free fall
    You and I,and the music that sustained us,
    Through the lonely never ever
    (Always and forever.)

    Do you remember breathing,
    In and out, out and in,
    All day long
    Without  thinking?

    So tired of flat, grey, static Screen,
    Silent movie memories.
    I want to live...

    Existing is such a dreamless state.

    I would rather drown in the ocean of lets pretend,
    Than forget how to breathe  again,
    Without the essence of you,
    My jelly bean lover.

    My dreams are popping candy colors.
    And the colors taste of you.
    Vibrant  joyous truths
    Exploding upon thirsty lips

    I will become your strawberry syrup daydream,
    If only you will let me kiss those rainbow eyes?
    Just once.

    You will  never be chewed up, and left upon the sidewalk,
    But  I'm so afraid of waking up.
    And forgetting to remember.
    Please, please, promise me, that dreams don't turn to dust?

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    THEWIND2 commented on Jelly Bean Daydream


    great, to see someone else inspired to cry out. we have all bought into the allusion of this life (death). but today we are turning back to the beginning. back to the first love. great job, just checking in.

    spideracer commented on Jelly Bean Daydream


    If dreams are left alone for too long they will surely die a sad death, in the poem that is what I get and you have done a wonderful job in writing and creating all the beautiful emotions. The imagery is quite colourful and therein your excellent piece holds an important message. Great job T!



    Thanks..this was inspired by an Owl City song :)

    castlemist commented on Jelly Bean Daydream


    Wow...this is really nice. I love the way it feels...the back-beat and imagery is just as powerful as the words which enhances the theme. Not only that, I'm a Jelly Belly jelly bean addict...honestly :)



    Thanks so love jellybeans too..specially red. Nice to meet you btw..:)

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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