my wife


  • Fantasy

    my wife

    I remember the day I first saw you,
    you were sitting there,
    unaware of my unbreakable stare

    Your eyes, your lips, your nose, your hair,
    your grace, your beauty, is beyond compare,
    I want to touch you, I try to speak,
    my hands I can't move, my voice is to weak.

    Our eyes meet, locked in a trance,
    in my heart I knew,
    this was my only chance,

    Your lips spoke,
    I never heard a word,
    I knew you thought I was just a nerd,

    You stood before me,
    you touched my cheek,
    you said hi,
    but I still can't speak,

    This is just a dream, it can't be true,
    this has never happen to me, met someone like you,
    pinch me, wake me, smack my face,
    this chance before me,
    God let me not waste,

    So now you laugh, and poke at me,
    as you reminisce, how I used to be.
    The shy boy, drawn to himself,
    always alone, wanting to be like everyone else,

    Then you come along, so kind and true,
    I knew from the first moment, I wanted you,
    You stood by me, time and time again,
    lady your more than just my friend,

    You taught me life, you taught me to live,
    you taught me to love, you taught me to give,
    you gave me hope, you gave me grace,
    you gave me kindness and someone to embrace,

    There is no other woman to ever touch my heart,
    the way you did, from the very start,
    The years have come, the years have passed,
    my love for you will forever last,

    The girl I met so long ago,
    I've always been excited for the world to know,
    that this woman, with whom I've shared my life,
    has always gave me pleasure to call her my wife...

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    irielove commented on my wife


    absoutly adorable, funny, cute all at the same time!!! you have a wonderful wife!!! God bless her for inspriing you so. Kudos!

    joanna commented on my wife


    I love this wonderful of you to appreciate your wife this sweet of you!!!!!

    stellar commented on my wife


    this is perfectly executed with how the way you write this and the genuineness that i felt while reading this unlike the other love poems who is so unrestrained when it comes to writing it..wish u read some of my works too..thanks

    Raghunath commented on my wife


    I remember the day .... This is just a dream.... dream love.....nice

    Ouida commented on my wife


    Now, this is true love. I am sure your wife is proud to have such a talented and loving husband by her side. Beautiful!

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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