"All About Me"


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    "All About Me"

    I am a strong independent woman,
    Who often feels alone.
    Struggling through life,
    While days have come and gone.
    There are so many times,
    When I must try.
    To face the disappointments,
    Which often make me sigh.
    I have searched inside my heart,
    For some type of clue.
    Hoping to find the answer,
    To what I must do.
    I dream of writing poems,
    That will make time stand still.
    And I won't give up,
    Until my dream becomes real.
    By the grace of God,
    I have learned to believe.
    And I will continue to strive,
    Until my dream is achieved.

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    MarkEC commented on "All About Me"


    Keep striving for the best that you can have because God will grant you the desires of your heart because to me your poetry is your art.

    monae commented on "All About Me"


    diz is really nice... n encouraging... continue to release your feelns on paper or wherever, u have a lot of potential.

    stellar commented on "All About Me"


    wow...i can completely relate with you...in the past...i hate it..i hate it for the universe somewhat call me to be a poet...but now i try to embrace who i really am...a poet..wish u read my struggling poet..i'm sure u can relate with it..thanks

    countrypoet commented on "All About Me"


    This is a good poem which I think most people can relate to,as we are all striving to achieve our dreams.I would say that you have already written some poems that are timeless and will not soon be forgotten.Keep on believing in your dreams,someday you will achieve them.

    emotions commented on "All About Me"


    i love this poem......................................................................................................

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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