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    Poem Commentary

    Written as a teenage 15 years ago. Introspective of a life back then and how much we wanted to be loved by a friend

    Time will heal

    Life is  a  miracle
    like a child a creation,
    a friend is a gift.
    like the heart for salvation

    Love is magical
    with twists and turns
    deeper into its depths
    the true heart burns

    blue heavens above
    stars in between
    my one true friend
    couldn't be seen

    a true heart burns
    burns for what
    for the warmth of a heaven
    in return for what i sought

    softly and carefree
    a heart did show
    pouring in the warmth
    of an eternal glow

    from a misty cloud
    my feelings did shine
    for the breadth of life
    that was to be mine

    A special person
    powers unimaginable
    god's greatest gift
    a friend to be lovable

    looking around the world today
    i stand on the shore of eternity
    wondering whether i'm valued more
    if i'd be like you and you like me

    I won't let life
    drift me away
    but sail it towards you
    from yesterday till today

    alas it wasn't to be
    this extraordinary journey
    as i sit here 15 years later
    in the end it just didn't matter

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    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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