Father Time


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    He's been gone for over 20 years now . I miss him. You'll hear more about him! Are you supposed to cry when you write?

    Father Time

    He wore a wristwatch
    my Daddy
    He taught me to tell time on that wristwatch
    my Daddy
    It was a modest , simple one, with a leather band
    my Daddy's watch
    A Hamilton, Benrus, but
    probably a Timex,
    my Daddy's watch
    On his lap I would go over and over
    those 12 numbers on
    my Daddy's watch
    at the age of five that was alot of numbers
    Once you got 3 how could that be 15 too?
    So on Daddy's watch
    3 was " a quarter past "
    with the big hand
    6 was " half past "
    that's how they said it
    and 9 was quarter 'til.
    Sixty minutes was way beyond me
    so we kept it simple
    It was 12 then quarter after 12, halfpast ,
    quarter past was next
    and then it was 1.
    Simple, but we added to it.
    There were the almosts; subtle
    but very clear
    on my Daddy's watch
    Almost quarter past, almost half past.
    We had it down
    One day I decided I wanted my own wristwatch
    like my Daddy's watch
    Up at the Thrifty Drugstore there was a counter
    at the front after you checked out
    It had wristwatches
    One was almost like
    my Daddy's watch
    A Timex with a leather band; $4.95.
    I saved up every penny until one day
    I asked if we could go to the Thrifty
    It was a Saturday and we probably would have gone anyway
    but Daddy knew this must be important
    I put on my big boy clothes and we went
    me and Daddy
    I went up to that counter and pointed to the one
    that was like Daddy's watch
    "I want that one "
    I put my money up on the counter.
    That lady counted it out
    then looked down and said
    " with the tax that will be $5.20, that's not enough"
    my face did whatever it did when I was disappointed
    but then he scooped up that money off the counter
    my Daddy did
    and he recounted it right there in front of that lady
    " one, two, three, four, five and ninety five cents
    I think my boy has some change coming" 
    said my Daddy
    Turns out that with my money on the counter
    and another hand in his pocket
    he could count better than that lady
    my Daddy
    I guess it was almost a quarter 'til a wristwatch 

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    Teardrops commented on Father Time


    WOW!!!! no fair you made me cry and its ok to cry when you write . My dad been gone 22 years and i used to go to FW Woolworths with him on Saturdays he was a great guy and thank you for a poem that made me close to him once again . Marie

    Whiskers commented on Father Time


    Great story Meatloaf, just what I was expecting to read from you. Yea, daddy's are bigger than life to us little tykes. Yours sounded like a grand one. Thanks for making my day. Blessings, Whiskers.



    Thanks friend. I'll never forget when my Daddy passed( and it wasn't pretty) and there comes that sense that there is nothing standing between you and the boogeyman anymore. I've been way more than a little "independent" in my life, but always knew Daddy had my back. I'm 63 now and he's been gone for 20+ yrs. and I keep turning around to talk or ask his advice. WWDD.It's still my beacon; my night flare. Momma was a different story, for another time. That one will be a bitch! Pun intended. Thanks for the encouraging words. Be well!



    I know what you mean, I've missed mine now for 30 years this year. I finally wrote that days story in a poem recently and posted it here called "Clairvoyance". You make me want to post another I had written shortly after dad's death 3 decades ago called "No Nobler Fame". Daddy's are bigger than life to us even when adult men. Maybe I'll put it up here now. Blessings always, Whiskers

    Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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