I wish


  • Friendship

    I wish

    I wish this could last forever

    You are a memory I would like to remember

    You are a dream that came true

    You were a wish that came true

    the only thank I wanted to do

    was love you for you

    but instead I love you for so much more

    I wish I did not hide

    all I did was divide

    the emotions between you an I

    I never thought about you feelings

    I never thought about your meanings

    I never considered your thoughts

    I never considered your doubts

    I never did anything right

    I never did anything wrong

    I never loved you for you

    I never loved you for not being you

    I never acted out in angry

    I never acted out in depression

    I never hated you for what you did

    I never hated you for what you did not do

    I never wanted something to love

    I never wanted something to hate

    As I lay here Thinking

    I never wanted anything

    As much as I for you
    an you for Me


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    iadorethelord commented on I wish


    Confused love, yet still love. A figment of your imagination. A dream , yet reality. Torn with emotions. I liked it.

    zwadi commented on I wish


    this is a good poem....but i honestly dont know if you are talking about having a broken heart or breaking somebody eles heart or if you have a crush.but overall its pretty good.

    markrohaley commented on I wish


    i like it

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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