Just taking time.


Just taking time.

Hello my Friend.
So good to feel close to You today.
Can we sit awhile and talk?

To be here now, in a quiet place with You,
Is to be at peace.
Like the soft slumber of a
Newborn infant.

Magnificent moments of silence,
Time drifting away,

A portrait in the sky, a moving misty cloud
Creating space on her canvas.
Offering those who see,
A tiny glimpse of heaven above.

Yet, sometimes I walk away, leaving You behind.
Then wonder why You aren't in my life.
As I leave, I pause,

Turning towards You one last time.
I see tears of blood slide silently
From Your tender cheek.

My ears ring as Your voice softly sings,
"Please don't go, stay my child."
My tears, in slow motion,

Begin to fall
Like swift swirling rapids
Tumbling in the dark.

My eyes snap shut, my steps increase,
My soul begins to rip,
Creating an empty hole,

Growing larger,
The longer I stay away.

Only you, Carpender of the soul,
Can mend the rip.

You wait patiently, until I humbly return.
Eyes down, once more realizing
I can't fill the empty space, without You
Living in the center of my heart.

Yet, I continue the pattern,
Only to find, once again,
Leaving brings an endlessly empty absence.

Renew my spirit,
Humble me with grace,
Allow me to become more fully
An extension of Your will.
Not mine.

Help me, my dear Lord God
To capture You in the palm of my soul
Inbetween human cracks
Of my heart.

As I've grown older,
You've allowed my human heart to glow,
Illuminating my soul.

Continue Your gift of unconditional love,
Even knowing there will be days I walk away...
Allow me the honor of inviting You to stay.

For whatever life You see fit to extend.


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Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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