Missing The Moon


Missing The Moon

Seems the moon got lost in the sky tonight,  
Constellations have been rearranged
The magick that flowed from fingertips-
not sparking in the usual way.

How do simple things become so lost,
when did these start to go array
reminds me of the lines of a song
doesn't anybody stay in one place anymore.

Mindless is the description that feels right for this
lacking the wonderment and natural ease of being
dazed comatose, dull and numbed
unable to feel wondering down an aimless path

Awareness Lacking in unseeing opened eyes
looking, searching  through endless nights
Hoping to get just even a glimpse
of the magick that was and filled souls within

Searching across the universe for the brightest
most beautiful of all the stars in the skies
 For the orb that lights up dark nights
and brings the sun into morning light

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dahlusion commented on Missing The Moon


Oh, the magic, yes, yes! The magic of a glass heart, or a red sparrow's whistle, or the moon with an umbrella, searching: "How do simple things become so lost"—this is the perfect question. bravo!! Peace and Light, dah



Thank You Dahl! yes I seem to be a bit out of sorts latley but others around me seem to be too, don't even know where my balance went lol-geez ! it will realine I'm sure I just need to slow down I think.

Rhymer commented on Missing The Moon


As I read this poem it was like hearing a melody playing to my senses. Excellnt write.



Thank You Very Much!

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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