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    written on the walls of a soul burning with an unfulfillable desire to proclaim and shout out the names of artists before me, (sing)*i am ready for love*, or so i thought, trapped in hopeless fellings of guilt shame and defeat beat at my inner most thoughts of a love that used to be, the more i aspire to atune myself with your rythmic miss beats the more i find myself off beat. over and over i see myself through yours eyes singin (sing)....i can hear your heart crying out for me....and then i breathe, trying desperately and hopelessly to regain the true esscence of me. feeling as though the true element of a me that was meant to be is somewhere lost in the sheet music for a life i thought we were once destined to be. let me tell u of the story of what used to started out as a soft melodic rhythm as we rocked and swayed, in that state i wish we could have stayed...but things soon began to change. our once soft rythm, easy to move ure soul to turned into something i never would have sold u...(sing) one shot to ure heart without breakin the skin.....i let u in....we played those soft piano keys as if we were floating on the seas of an ocean filled with love honor and commitment, but then things changed no longer was it u we us it became a game between love and lust...(sing) how could u let somebody lay where i lay??....never thought that my music would betray all the tracks we laid(sing) as we slept the night away...remembering a time when ...(sing) i love me some him ill never love this way our love went (deep deep deep deep i wanna break u down all night....i held on to that love with all my might try as i might u fooled me with your self diguise, left me with no choice but to voice that...(sing) i shouldve cheated.....but i didnt because i belonged to u , u belonged to me and thats the destiny i thought would be, but tragically for me i lost u in that sea, new notes to sing and new heartache to bring, and to think i so foolishly recieved..(sing) cause my night are cold without u......but as ashanit said im hurting while im with u....time to let go get rid of all the things u single handedly tried to mastermind me into believing that this is what love is meant to as u sit here and read this love song poem a testiment to an us that was once so beautiful and pure to me know that...(sing) sunshine has come....and finally i am done with the sad truth and reality that with u my prince charming is never to come.....

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    WordSlinger commented on music


    Nice, ideas are good..

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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