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is trying to spill her heart out..tonight at Embargo

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As my soul pours out into the paper, my reason for living becomes much clearer. My name is Agnes, I was born in Malawi,Africa and raised in Texas. Im studying to be a elementery school teacher while working at a non-profit supporting Dallas families living with HIV/AIDS. My heart is in serving my community and I wish to make a change in the lives of children becuase they are our future. WE ARE THE FUTURE


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Hi My Favorite Teacher( In the Making-LOL) I read "MESSAGE TO MY BROTHER" this morning 28.02.o9 Very powerful bit of poetry. Deserves a 9.5 rating. Oren Cousins, Jamaica.

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Sistah Agnes I have read all three of your pieces & love the powerful truths that each one convey. Felt the essence of your spirit as you gracefully captured each of those categories. Thats musical flava for every emcee, some ethical rules/knowledge to the philosphy of stepping to a woman and and enormous amount of passion to embrace when we are approached in the proper respect. You write with dynamic energy thats irresistible to the eyes and probably the ear as well. May God Bless your pen cont

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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