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First and foremost ppl's if ya read my poems pls leave a comment (will ya ?) I would appreciate them. " Thanks" I wrote my first poem not long after i graduated 5th grade that summer,sitting on my bunk bed in the dead of night the words flooded my mind. Thus i wrote "The wind in my Soul", the only poem i know by heart. poems speak emotions bringing forth more than just the oridinary. I love to write them . They are soothing to the soul and calming with some sort of peace of mind. I recently was sent alink in my email for this site. I love the idea of this site.I enjoy being able to see other peoples poetry and being able to communicate with others who share the same interest. I ecspecaily am inspiried by the male poets. It`s nice to see this side of you guys, great job! Thanks ppls Luv sweet peas & chickon griz!!!!


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Thanks so much for ur comments on my poem and im happy u liked them....i cant wait to read some of ur poetry and am excited for the day i get a chance to...So once again..thanks

Romano profile comment


Thank you for the add, i look forward to reading your work

WCman100 profile comment


Hey Tray, don't know if you saw it but I am up to ten poems now. Also got some new tunes on myspace, if you want the link.

nadronnoco profile comment


hey i tried writing you under the mesage center but it woulnt mail it just blinks and never goes threw. sorry i havent got bacjk in touch i just figured out to try here...thanks for reading some of my stuff......tell me more about you ima boring fruit loop.....

The true philosopher and the true poet are one, and a beauty, which is truth, and a truth, which is beauty, is the aim of both.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet (1803-1882)

Tray4’s Poems (45)

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Title Comments
Recovery 0
2021 1
Invisible Enemy 1
Beyond 0
Weight 3
Sibling Rivalry 1
The Kindly Gardeners 2
Invisible Prison 4
A Summer's Day! 3
Deceived 4
Pulse 2
Stallion 2
"The Wind In My Soul" 10
Eternity 3
Candle Sticks 4
Natural Beauty 4
Pigment 1
Precious Moment 1
Ready 1
Temporary Destractions 2
The Exchange 5
The missing feathers 2
True Expression 4
Unstable 1
A Reminder 2
"Soul mates" 4
A good winter's week end 1
Only for so long 2
"Best Friend's" 2
"Whole" 1
Release 3
Little lights scatter the darkness 2
" ! A New Year ! " 2
Unbosom (a poem I had on 2
Alluring Decor 1
Corruption Unveiled 3
Wait don't flip ya lid get ur hair did 3
I think I need the question 4
I Can`t Explain 2
"You and I" 7
Find freedom -10
The Man She could not leave behind,an Intro 3
untitled 2
Genuine Exhibitions 10
Dusk Arriving 9