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getting older

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I'm really just doing this for me and me alone.....I'm not exactly a poet but thought this might be a fun and cool way to vent

If you have ever been through anything that pulled you under and you didnt know how you was going to pull through, but somehow you made it or if your still trying to make it then you should read! Leave comments be honest I can handle the truth!


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Dancer022597 profile comment


hey!! i love all ur work! it's really different but it feels fresh...making a point but not filled with a bunch of extra shizzle! wud love if ud read some of my new stuff! hope ya like it!

Knwldge profile comment


just makin sure, but good lookin on these works of art we create, get at me if u need help, i like gospel also, the church is home, ya digg



u straight and iight i mite hit u up cuz i get stuck ere now n then... i feel you on that!!

Knwldge profile comment


The reason any of us do these is for ourselves, and for some1 not to be a poet u got flow that reminds me of my earlier works, keep it coming, give me something off the top of ur head,- freestyle



my freestyles r more gospel rap r deep ish that i bearly share lol but thanks.... and naww i believe sum people like the attention (which is coo too)

ESSENCEOFLOVE profile comment


Asha has a way with words and I agree. She conveyed her thoughts clearly and beautifuly and I concur wholeheartedly........E



Thanks once again your comments mean a lot to me!!!

ApaqRasgirl profile comment


you have a very strong spirit my dear. never think that you are weak. the words you have written that I have read so far shows that you are strong and your spirit is bright and seeking for the good in life.....always follow your spirit dear friend, for you are young yet and have many paths to explore but let your spirit guide you on your journey.......take a walk within mother nature and she will show you the wonders and beauty of life in this world other than all the things you have seen or felt that hurt your heart......let the words flow darling.....you are showing a very promising gift for writing so don't hold it in and use that bright spirit of yours to help guide your pen...........you will succeed........love asha .....Namaste(Native American blessing)



Thank you so much for your comment!!!! I wont give in to my past I will keep moving forward!!

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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