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Maddy with heartfelt gratitude for your wonderful contribution – ‘Amanda’s Swing’ and your body of poetic art that shines its light, love and concern for making the world a more gentler, loving and safer place – Thank You Earth Angel! To read more of Madelynn's wonderful poetry please visit: http://begetsofautumn.tripod.com/ Please check out Maddi's video: http://www.youtube.com/user/TJMadelynn

Poetry Princess

Poetry Princess


Tis to recognize ones value within its core;

The richness of your poetry—

Leaves me yearning for more!


Grasping words meanings—

expressive - eloquent - significant - consequential

Your poetic words explored…


Crowning jewels—pearls of wisdom

Masterfully penned by 'The Poetic Princess'—

Thou leadeth ones essence to soar!


Spirits aligned preached elevated with prose n verse

Drink you in quench thirst immersed—galore…

Thine poet's heart discovered—tis adored!

TammyJo - aka Maddi - Madelynn 

Your poetic glorious gifts - a treasure-store—

Thank God for the Poetic Princess with such rapport!! 



Madelynn's site:

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ListninEar commented on Poetry Princess


Awwww....that was such a touching way to pay homage to a poet you so clearly love and appreciate. You express yourself so well and she must be so honored. You def got me wanting to read her poems!



ListninEar - thank you! Oh Maddi is a wonderful poet and beautiful lady. I hope you'll take the time to visit her home and website...she is such a talented poet...I love Maddi and her poetry - she is so gifted and such a blessing to all who know her. Her poetry so resonates with me! I know you'll love her too. Please take the time to enjoy her work. I will be visiting your poetic home too soon. I have been away from OP for months, much going on and had to take a break but I'm looking forward to catching with OP and all my wonderful OP friends. Blessing Dear, Peace, Love and Light.

ESSENCEOFLOVE commented on Poetry Princess


This is a beautiful tribute. Your words flowed eloquently with an attitude of gratitude. You convinced me, I'm visiting her site. Thanks for sharing this fulfilling feast of words........E



Trina a big heartfelt thank you. Oh once you go on Maddy site you'll never want to leave...it's awesome, I lose all track of time when I spend it with Maddy, the music on the site is great too. Love your essence to Trina. Peace, Love and Light

Luiseach commented on Poetry Princess


Beautifully written Kanicki! The words flowed quite elequently from beginning to end! Excellent work!!



Luiseach ty dear, I wished I could find the words as elequent as the lovely Poet Princess Maddy I wrote them for to pay tribute to her fine art. I hope if you have the chance you'll visit Maddy site; time just passes by so quickly while reading Maddy's poetic art...what a treat! I too very much enjoy your work! Thanks for visiting my humble home. Peace, Love and Light

WordSlinger commented on Poetry Princess


I like all these comments, I have been working on her site, I just installed new spark plugs, and rotor, lol, ty again WS



Hello JohnE Ty:) I'm going to check out these spark plugs and more later this evening; I miss my Maddy, I was thinking about Maddy and then I realized I was missing my dose of poetic beauty...as she always sings to me...her vibe is so alive; I love to drink in her every poetic note, word, read and re-read. I have a date with your sweetheart-love-of-your-life...later this evening...LOL:) peace, love and light

Sydney commented on Poetry Princess


A fantastic poem, a tribute and dedication that you had to share. thnx for sharing. Excellent dedication. Sydney



Ty Sydney, Maddy is an inspiration for many on OP! Check out her website, Wow it's awesome and I'm sure you'll enjoy more of her art...it's a real treat from a real beauty...inside and out. Peace, Light and Love

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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