There is a Girl I Love . . .


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    There is a Girl I Love . . .

    There is a girl I Love who has a voice so high in which I will never give up on and for who I would love for the rest of my life, I could never say bye but I would like to hold her tight and tell her everything is all right, but she might bite or try to fight, this girl I see in my sight, is so beautiful she glows, not blows so you better not call her a hoe for I will kill you and nobody will know, even though you probably know me, I care about this girl so you better not call her a bitch for you better hit the ditch, if this girl catches me with a beer she will hit me in the rear, she will not let me smoke for she will let me choke on a piece of oak in which she will shove down my throat, this girl I know who has me whipped and I know I can’t give her lip. This girl I love is not a slut but has a big butt, you better not look or you will get a hook some where you don’t like it, so take a hike or go ride a bike because this girl I know who has a perfect body in which it makes her a hottie has a guy in which he will make you say bye, I would have to run a mile to see her smile, but if you look close her ears will go high up in the sky in which they can not fly, you must never say bye because I know I will see you in the sky when we die. If you have not figure out who this girl is you deserve to be shot on the spot, because she is the one for me in which, we are meant to be, this girl I Love a lot, very much, a whole bunch, and with all of my heart and until the day I die is ? .

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    1990lh commented on There is a Girl I Love . . .


    that was reallty really great i love your pome u did a great job

    Chi commented on There is a Girl I Love . . .


    So from Chi you get a 25 rating since this came from your heart and you took the time to share your poem with us. Understand that on the market place these poems sell last because they only reach the heart of the writer who wrote it but make's excellent poetry materiel for a book of poetry because it gives your reader insight to the poets heart which is a bonus to fthe purchaser of the book. versatility will be needed for a completion book to reach the heart of the public with versatile poems th

    WordSlinger commented on There is a Girl I Love . . .


    I gave this a 8 for fighting Straighten the poem up in verses/stanzas, instaed of a big paragraph

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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