Twenty-Three Days


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    Twenty-Three Days

    For twenty-three days this world was blessed,
    Every second she was in it.
    For twenty-three days a heroine fought
    When she shouldn’t have lived a minute.

    She came three months too early,
    But was no easy prey for death.
    For twenty-three days she battled
    For each thimbleful of breath.

    For twenty-three days she held on;
    To her tiny life she clung.
    For twenty-three days she fought for air
    With each fragile, thumb-sized lung.

    After twenty-three days her strength was done
    And this world lost a priceless pearl.
    It took twenty-three days for almighty death
    To beat a two-pound baby girl.

    It will never matter what persons I meet,
    Or what lists of triumphs they show.
    Little Amelia will always be
    The bravest soul I'll ever know.

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    kmeadows commented on Twenty-Three Days


    I dont know how to reply to this. It was so moving. You made me feel her strength, but at the same time I felt her vulnerability. When you talked about her thimbleful of breath you took mine away.

    kalel commented on Twenty-Three Days


    JEEZ! There are few things in this harsh life that have really and truly moved my jaded heart but, WHOA! GREAT WRITE MAN! Yet I also feel somewhat bad for being so enthusiastic about such a heart wrenching story. PUH-LEAZE keep writing dude, well done.

    Crush commented on Twenty-Three Days


    oh my heart. what a tribute. life doesn't have a dutration as to how long it thrived as to it's impact, but, it does last forever.

    rsalassi commented on Twenty-Three Days


    I'm sorry to learn about this. You have my deepest sympathy.

    cheronld commented on Twenty-Three Days


    The naked pain and anguish is felt throughout this write.....but also the love and pride in her life was blessed with each and every word.....My heart and soul reaches out to you and those who share your pain....this heartfelt and heart wrenching write stands alone in its emotional sacrifice for sharing this with so almost seems so wrong to compliment these beautifully written words......this is truly a TIMELESS piece my friend.....hugs and love I send along the notes of this write.....Cher

    Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

    Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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