• Passion


    the day we join together;
    is the day the tears will end;
    our moments will last forever;
    but our days will just begin;
    the time is going fast;
    but the days are feeling slow;
    lets make our love last;
    never letting one another go;
    tell me you love me with your waking eyes;
    looking straight at me;
    telling me no lies;
    that we were meant to be;
    love me, need me and embrace;
    that one day we will taste;
    the dream that dreamers only dare to dream;
    my love running fast like an untamed stream;
    with love in my eyes;
    and a sweet kiss to my lips;
    i will show the world;
    with just one kiss;
    this is how things are to be;
    living in a world that we were meant to see;
    so take my hand and run away;
    so we can see another day;
    without love what are we;
    but empty souls in a body;
    to look into your eyes would be worth it all;
    if just one kiss before we fall;
    thats all we need to see the rest;
    whats to become of us for the best;
    youve read my heart and what it does hold;
    now do this for me and you are bold;
    open your heart and lets see whats inside;
    show me everything there is and please do not hide;
    the way you feel when you look at my face;
    the wandering eyes to go some place;
    my heart is open for you to see;
    i hope one day we will forever be...

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    Charlie23 commented on untitled


    You have an amazing talent! I was a little surprised this one was not titled. Very well written poetry!

    If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

    Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

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