Cat & Mouse


  • Confusion

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    The game of life & relationships, noone is immune. I wish you all the best & Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work.

    Cat & Mouse

    Laughing, kissing, cuddling, and sleeping.
    Good times are plentiful, secrets keeping.
    Thoughts unspoken, feelings unsaid.
    Tips of the tongue are where words lie dead.
    Tips of his fingers stroke gently through her hair.
    To him a meaningful gesture, showing that he cares.
    Never knowing how she feels, leaving uncertainty in the air.
    It’s unfair and misleading because through time feelings grow.
    His feelings on the table, hers she will never show.
    He's fragile and unsteady, like an egg ready to break.
    She's ominous as the night, like a stranger in a cape.
    Day after day spent in wondering, is it all just a game.
    Like a kid chasing a dollar tied to a string
    oblivious to what’s on the other end, what’s he expecting?
    Gold at the end of a rainbow, highly unlikely.
    More like a dog at the end of a leash, ready to bite thee.
    As if it’s Christmas and the kid really gets a bike.
    Maybe he’ll get lucky, if he plays his cards right
    It’s a disease eating at him, a question left unanswered.
    Why even carry on with this embarrassing charade
    Is the game already lost
    If not then why the impending feeling of checkmate.
    Nothing left to do but surrender, she’s got him in a corner.
    Time passes through the day as he thinks about her constantly
    While cursing profusely, how did I let her get to me.
    I promised myself I wouldn’t
    I’ve grown so attached, damn well knowing I shouldn’t.
    The cheese is on the cracker, the cracker on a trap
    He fell for the bait, just waiting to hear the snap.
    Written 10/28/07

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    Tempestlady commented on Cat & Mouse


    Love your rhythm, dig your rhyme, will read your work anytime. Just drop me a line. Like that you keep it real, the real deal. Write on......

    LadyLuck commented on Cat & Mouse


    i hate when this happens!! its just so unfair and wrong. but the game is still played. Thousands of traps are laid.

    knight4696 commented on Cat & Mouse


    Wow! A very intense poem. You certainly have a way with words - you capture the reader within your "Trap" and hold them until the end! Great use of metaphors and flow is superb! Great Job! A definate 10!

    naana commented on Cat & Mouse


    So ive read 3 of ur writing and all i gotta say is damn!!! u provoke thoughts that i didnt understand and put to words some of the same feelings i had. Im glad i found u in my friend box cant wait to read more of what you write.

    homa commented on Cat & Mouse


    you have got happy soul... your poems are lovly... good luck :)

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