Cry of the Curlew Bird


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    Cry of the Curlew Bird

    The curlew bird's call
    more a wounded cry
    than the chirp and whistle
    of much prettier birds

    calls from dry land steppes
    between river shore wading
    and in the shallows feeding
    so unlike other water birds

    steps from its nest
    nestled near the bunch grass and sage
    exposing its mottled eggs
    in their shallow sand and gravely grave.

    Nest now in danger,
    parent bird feigns wounded wing
    limps away from fragile treasure
    a selfless sacrifice to its predator.

    Dangerous conqueror consumes
    bulldozer and grader works
    bunch grass, sage, and nest
    a sacrifice to larger human nests.

    Consumed by tread and steel
    conquered bird rounds the sky
    sending out the wounded cry
    of the curlew bird's call.

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