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    This the first poem in a series of poems entitled "Even the Sickest".



    By: J.Koppe


    I think I have some crying to do.

    From songs I won’t let go of.

    I need a realization in my skull;

    it’s all boggled and swollen;

    Staying detained;

    delayed all in a haze;

    misconduct all in vain.

    Get your head outta your butt,

    before you’re left out

    into the sewer and you're

    floating with the fish.

    It’s my suspicions

    someone wants me to die.


    See the birds in the sky,

    and they echo “Why oh why?"

    "Look they die.”

    How wise they see the mess from all around.

    They pick up droplets of strife,

    “What you think of him now?”

    “Not what I like.” “Ca-Ca Ca-Ca”


    I need a break

    or I’m broke.

    Relax from all the mixes I’ve been mixing.

    Stuff I’ve heard, and dread to even let go of.


    Don’t ask me why!

    Just figure out how to get by, holding my head high.

    What up I ain’t even cried?


    Starry skies,

    nah, not tonight

    or any night.

    Stray skies in this eerie,

    nowhere town.

    This place don’t hold to many luminaries’

    Don’t ask me why!

    I’m still trying to be up their someday.

    I can hardly stand it down here anymore.

    Hold up, I think I’ll just cry.

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    Worthless commented on Lockdown


    Yuppers... Life sucks



    cmon , smile stay positive-today is a new day filled with hope:)

    Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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