Word of Mouth


Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth


Here it is…

I heard it off the corner,

that’s where you can hear it plain as day.


It’s the word that’s what I heard,

God bless them all I pray.

It was fantastic to me,

to be the poet who knows it.

Acknowledging the need to be free in this discovery,

of spoken word.


The word is nothing devious or dastardly,

It’s apparently a common courtesy

for people to speak passionately

about their beliefs.


The word of mouth can be as sharp as an axe.

The word of mouth can be as shinny as price silver.

The word of mouth can sliver through you like a worm through the dirt of the world.


It’s the word of mouth that sustains and finds its way into us.

The word is that which makes its home with us.

How can we speak the spoken word and yet avoid what was heard.


Here it is,

Here it now!

The word is in accord with us,

We must perceive and succeed,

what the word is to be for you and me.

Every person was given their own poetry

and their own path to carry on their poems.


You all know them and show them in all you do,

And all you love.

These words are ones to live by,

there the words of the fathers mouth given to help us.

Sent to us to shape and mold new ideals in us.

Sent to sharpen and instill the truth within us.

Sent to open up our minds and free us.

Sent to save us from this world and secure us.


It was spoken off of the corner, yet I know it and believe,

that the word of mouth was anointed and told unto me.

It said to preach or to sing,

And now I guess poetry is what I bring.

My middle ground that keeps me expressing the truth,

that lives inside of us all.


“It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables.” ~Bible

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Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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