Me, Adventist


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    Me, Adventist

    How can this be?
    I look around,
    But I don't believe what I see.
    Many say that I'm part of a “cult”.
    They just don't understand.
    It isn't their fault.
    Just because my Sabbath
    Is on a different day
    Doesn't mean they have the right to say
    That I'm going to go straight to hell.
    The way I see it
    We all drink the same living water
    From the same eternal Well.
    We just believe things differently.
    I don't have the right to tell
    Someone that just because
    They worship on one day
    And I on another
    That they aren't any more or less
    My Christian sister or brother.
    We will all be judged
    By what we believe.
    All I can do
    When asked “Why?”
    Is tell others why I believe
    What I believe,
    And try not to be shy.
    And, if the need be,
    We'll just agree
    To disagree.

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    Rocetman commented on Me, Adventist


    well written, good statement and material. Judge not- except our poetry!

    UnworthyFather commented on Me, Adventist


    Great write, Bladebearer. The truth is that denominations will not save you. Religion will not save you. Only God will save you. This is shown in the letters to the churches in Revelations, and also in the parable of the tares and the wheat. Many profess Christianity, but their lives do not reflect their profession. You must live in accordance with ALL scripture - not just the ones that fit your lifestyle. I am United Pentecostal, and my denomination has been bashed as the 'Holy Rollers', so I can relate to your poem. It is not for us to judge who will enter and who will not, "and, if need be, we'll just agree to disagree". Really well written and thought out poem. Thanks for sharing. 10

    freind commented on Me, Adventist


    very well done you show your expressions of feelings. to tell the world how you feel about god again very nice great job

    mrobb6488 commented on Me, Adventist


    Excellent how you show undertanding for the faith and beliefs of others and are telling them that no you do not think that they are wrong. I love that about this piece. M-Robb

    randa commented on Me, Adventist


    really really really nice

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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