True Love


True Love

It seems that everyone has the same dream:

To find their “True Love”

But they don't seem to see

What it really is

Thanks to Hollywood

And all that other showbiz.

Everyone thinks that “True Love” in reality

Is the same as in fantasy

Filled with “Knights in shining armor”

Roses by the score

And that special feeling that is suppose to last

Forever more”

However, real love isn't that way.

After a while the armor's shine fades,

The roses decay,

And that special feeling somehow just goes away.

True love is more than a feeling

Or a state of being.

It's an action.

That causes others to have the same reaction.

True love is, no matter the fray,

Right by your “love's” side

Is where you will stay.

No matter what the future brings,

In winter's cold or the warmth of spring,

You'll still help each other

No matter the deed.

Like Christ's example on Calvary

He showed us the ultimate true love

For this corrupt race

By dying for us

Taking our place

Giving us the special gift

Of his unending grace.

And we can be forever His

For He showed us what

True love really is.



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blackfootlady commented on True Love


Blade the wisdom is reflected in your soul for God is everything and Jesus is somebody.It is something I've learned too from the inevitable.God Bless

SpiritSong commented on True Love


This is a Fav for me. It's through the times of faded and broken down rusting armor.. It is in these times when we are weak, that we who trust in Him are truly and supernaturally and abundantly strong. Here is where we find the power of joining in "His Death and His Resurrection,"..within our own lives and than spilling over to our spouse, family, friends and even our enemies... This is the Transforming power that His Holy Spirit leads and guides us into...LIFE and the Fulness that pours into our hearts and minds from above. Than suddenly we find we are no longer what we once were, but clean,and truly free to walk and live in His Graciousness Life. Amazing poem beloved..Beautifully written and expressed as a teaching to open the eyes and heart to the real Truth we so need...Thank You Bladebearer... It's a big 10 for me.. LOVE IT!

freind commented on True Love


ok young lady you did it put the words were they always you did a fine job .liked it very much . keep up the good work .your buddy freind

Wakeitha commented on True Love


Amen my sister, the lord is our rue love. Hegive us thing noone can every give us. He love more than man can, he's the best love of all. Haliluliah

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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