Why Can't I?


  • Sadness

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    This is how I feel most of the time. I still wait for the final question to be answered.

    Why Can't I?

    Tears stream down my face.
    I just feel so out of place.
    Why can't I be like the others?
    Why don't I fit in like my sisters and brothers?
    It seems that everyone looks down on me.
    They just don't see the real me.
    Who I am inside
    If they all realized
    That I'm more than just a nameless joke
    Maybe they would stop and think
    Before they started to tease and poke.
    I'm more than just a pair of eagle eyes
    Watching out for the others from the top of the slide
    Can't they see the bleeding heart inside of me?
    When will they, if they will ever, see
    How much they have hurt me?

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    Wakeitha commented on Why Can't I?


    What a true poem and it states alot. We as people goes through alot my friend. I went through the same thing until I gave my life to Jesus Christ and now I'm free. Amen.....

    UnworthyFather commented on Why Can't I?


    Great Poem! I, too, like the pain that you manage to portray here. I do have an answer for you, if I may. You can't... because God created you uniquely. You, and only you... are you. Thanks for sharing.

    Wakeitha commented on Why Can't I?


    Beautiful my sister but let me tell you. No one can love you like Jesus. My sister I can tell you I been in the same boat. But I gave everything to Jesus. And he show me, that he love me more than any body can. Give it to Jesus he can set you free.

    freind commented on Why Can't I?


    you see you can pull your feelings out let them show. i said it before you really write good stuff and you did it again. liked it much

    meaganofficial commented on Why Can't I?


    People that are stubborn and cold hearted, always get what they deserve. God doesn't let that get passed him. Terrific poem!

    To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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