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On Angel's Wings We Fly - dedicated to my mother who I lost three years ago, and too to my good friend Jeff Chinn who went for dive in the ocean and surfaced in heaven.



What if – let’s just suppose.

Pretend that no way, no how, anybody knows.

Nobody knows for sure, but I believe.

Though it’s not an idea easy to conceive.


I believe that some days it is very hard to make it through.

As I ask myself, “what am I to do”?

I find a voice inside my soul saying, “why not try praying”?

So I say a silent prayer for strength, “please help me to be strong”.

And I swear, on many days I feel a presence near. 

I’m sure that I’m  right, but  I could be wrong.


But what if – with just the tiniest bit of faith we find; that we have a guardian angel that will help us from time to time. 

Sometimes it’s with a gentle push, and sometimes it’s a little pull to get us turned back around.

Lifting us higher when we are at our lowest.

Occasionally picking us up off the ground.


We have a heavenly view upon angels wings;

Soaring above all earthly things.

With a little faith and hope, on angels wings we fly.

Believing, without always questioning why.


© Copyright 2009 jH 








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danmartyjake1 commented on ON ANGELS WINGS


I truly loved this and I truly believe in prayer. It is the only thing one has during a time of despair.......

wheelsal commented on ON ANGELS WINGS


Beautiful inspiration from the depth of "why" and still living with "hope".



Thank you for your feelings of hope...

latinangel commented on ON ANGELS WINGS


I have fallen in love with this poem. It is also one of my favorites now. I love angels. You have a gift for inspirational poetry my friend. I feel so blessed to have met you and now to call you my friend. I'm giving it a ten.



What a beautiful way to honor your mother and your friend. I lost my father in law last year perhaps you read the song I wrote for him on my profile? There are no words.



Your words of kindness have meaning beyond words... thank you!

optimistic commented on ON ANGELS WINGS


The way you write is very encouraging and I enjoy your words you should check out soulwriter you and him kind of have a similar style in regards to encouragement and inspriration.



This is my inspirational page - you are extremely perceptive and I am always encouraged by your comments. Thank you my friend. SW

Mareann commented on ON ANGELS WINGS


You inspire me... This is just beautiful, I felt as though i had an angel on my shoulder while reading this lovely poem. Please continue to write from your heart~ ~~ Mareann



You too are inspiring, so to have you pay me such honor is well received. Thank you

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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