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Im a single man. I work in a mine, in the New Mexico desert. I've travelled all over Europe and crossed the Artic Circle. I've been to the Bahama's, The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Antilles, Mexico & Canda, Most of the United States. France, Italy, Sicily, Spain,The feords of Norway up into Narvik. Visited the casinos of Monte Carlo in Monaco, and many more than I can recall at the momment.
I tell you this, no matter where you go in life; No matter where you hide or what you seek, All the world is the same. Every man, woman and child feels the same emotions, the same dispair. We all love and hate, we all sin. But, not one's guilt is greater, than the guilt we rest upon ourselves.
So, love everyone, and love yourself. Nothing else that you may do in life, is so important.


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JadedJezzabel profile comment


i adore your are a very impressive writer and man.....and single healthy AND employed.....right on had to chuckle at that.

UnworthyFather profile comment


Really like your bio, BluesPreacher. You say a whole lot in just a few words. Marcus

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

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