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  • Age: 54
  • Location: Roselle, IL
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: US
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i am me; a poet, a soul, wonder woman, a demon, a book, a dream...i am everything and nothing...and i savor words, let them roll around my tongue...letting them feed my spirit.


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dahlusion profile comment


You are a powerful poet and an amazing builder of words upon words. Bravo!!



thanks Dah, i appreciate those words, thanks for sharing them....

blujean profile comment


I love ur strong usage of words,vehement expression,as a musician am impressed.can i borrow some of ur words to use in my lyrics.take care.



approve them with me first please



and well, if you become known...then give me credit :)

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) American poet.

DSLitz’s Poems (58)

Title Comments
Title Comments
my cup overfloweth 0
gettin' your head out of your ass 5
avoidance 4
between heaven and hell 6
eye contact 3
it is what it is not 3
watch your step (or how i broke my heart) 2
at the mercy of memory 2
morning sickness 2
ringing my ears 1
oh, but i did 5
borrowing hope 2
awakened 3
seeing the forest 1
the unseen of the seen 2
pestilence 1
abreaction 1
opossum 1
speak softly 1
true grit 1
she sits 1
many things overturn 1
the potter ain't got nothin' on me 0
unfolding 1
page turner 2
I want to see the episode 2
Immersion 3
grasp this & you'll pass GO and collect $200 1
to put in words 3
it depends on your vision 2
trying to define what cannot be defined 3
in that moment when 0
tasting the lingering thought of you 7
blindness 4
touch 4
yes 3
hub buzz 0
when my soul danced 3
Me, as a "Great Short Work" 2
untitled 0
no shushin' the truth 2
smack me in the head done 3
stalemate 2
in the night 3
Dog Days 3
Tell me what it's like 1
When I die and go to Heaven 4
A Day in the Life of a Girl 3
half-sleep 2
Before it all begins as I lay wondering 0
3 A.M. 2
what imagery you evoke 6
constant 3
memo 1
what's that you say moonlight? 8
thanksgiving 1
revelation 2
If Lily had a backbone 10