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OK..put on your Hep-cat poetry hat...
take a seat....and speak the beat!

Go ahead...walk the yard of avant-garde..
rub on your poetry in motion body lotion,
snap your fingers,
tap your feet...
to the beat!

Let's go!
we're goin' back
to Ginsberg & Kerouac...

Coffee cafe',
Buddha cake...

Ju-Ju jollies
and poetry follies!

I'm just a Bohemian Word Wrangler Outlaw eating pieces of poems falling down like rain..licking, flicking abstract...A Beat-Poet, I am a huge fan of Ginsberg, Kerouac, DiPrima, Rexroth, Norse, Whalen, Snyder, Burroughs, Waldman, Kaufman, Ferlinghetti, Creely, McClure,...& many more. My favorite book is my 1st edition-Beatitude Anthology.
I especially did alot of writing during the time I spent as a victim of Domestic Violence..way before I became addicted to the Beats... It was many moons ago, when I was younger..from 1977 to 1987...but the experience forever changed me...and will always be a part of who I am. I no longer let it penetrate my being and have re-entered life without hate and with enthusiasm..not to say, it wasn't a long, dark and dangerous journey to break on through to the other side....but I did...and I'm still alive. Every great once in awhile I will look back...and wonder...what the hell?
I can tell you...even the most intelligent people can be sucked into the vortex....
I have chosen to share these poems in hope that people will grow to understand what the hell goes on....but mainly because I want people to stop ignoring the obvious signs of abuse, as well as not allowing yourself to fall victim to a life of hell...these particular poems are basically just raw feelings written during that time ..(a poet not yet born) in retrospect, I do believe they saved my life....
Nowadays I'm a soapmaker & herb enthusiast, love art..especially abstract/Picasso, poetry readings, music, essential oils/aromatherapy, campfires, purses, worn out jeans & barefeet, handcrafted silver jewelry...I am addicted to caffeine and nicotine while holding a pen spending time with friends & family..and with nature...where I can just be...the bohemian in me... I am also an Advertising Account Exec for a Cable Co. ( I am also happily married!) You can visit my Blog at


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Johnstradamus-Spontaneous favorite!

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Thank you Karenlyn.My profile pic is somewhat of a reflection of my inner-self..

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i really enjoyed your biography and can surely see that we will become like a prose family. at least that what i hope and feel since your style is raw and i'll surely draw inspiration from i saw. i've been interested in writing now for 6 whole mont

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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Title Comments
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1706 East Houston Street 1
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2501 West Walker Street 1
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Ode To Us 4
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Domestic Violence 2
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