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O yes, I do love my pets! I enjoy meeting new friends. I scribble some sort of poetry/writings, many ppl say "WoW"; hmmm, is that good?? :D

I enjoy music and listening to my husband play his guitars!

The four pix are of each of our pets: our dog, Ozzy sitting pretty; Smoky, our gray cat lounging; our black cat, Ben; and my orange polydactyl-tabby, Sunny.

I'm trying to decide which of my poems to submit... well, I surely look forward to meeting you and reading your works!


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Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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Zep’s Poems (22)

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Title Comments
Today My Friend Said It All had to End 0
Merry Christmas 2010, My Love 1
"Lend Me a Pup" 1
Under Iceland Skies 2
A Brighter Shade of Sun 4
The Self Love Hate Relationship (challenge by jpmaster13, 5/6/10) 1
My Bonds Lay Broken 2
Sisters~Three 1
Happy St. Valentine's Day, My Love 1
Beauty in the Arriving Storm 5
(((Inner Space))) 3
It's All About Love 2
Court Sport 0
One Awesome God 4
War Against the Sea 2
Hide 'N Seek ~ For One 0
Loves' Covenant ~ Together Forever! 3
Happy 7th Birthday 1
A Whisper 2
Damnation For Suicidal Contemplation 2
Dreaming of... 2