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Poetry could be seen by so many more if reading was so hard for the ignorant!!


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Words can only have meaning when they can be seen or heard!

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

combatrider’s Poems (50)

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Title Comments
Whispers of The Past 0
A Good Deed 0
Reality 0
"Might Have Been Me!" 0
Life Start of a Little Person 1
You Looking Yet? 0
"I Knew That Place" 0
The Only Way 3
A Way to Tell 1
What Can I Say? 1
Him 2
Abuse 1
Only the Lonely 1
A Story Told Never Grows Old Before Its Time 1
Not Mine 3
Happy or Sad, Only You Can Choose 4
Don't see me, listen? 3
Why Would I? 2
Sassy 0
An Ode to Those 0
What Was the Work I Started? 1
Resolution 0
Don't matter to me, does it? 0
How to Fix the World, My Thoughts 0
You Made It 1
As it Seems 1
Relativity 1
It'll Be Better 0
Me 4
Truth of a Nature 1
...maybe..... 2
Who was .......... 1
As if 2
A little breeze 1
Whether Changes 3
Make it Right 1
He was Me 1
And what if? 2
Wasn't Me 2
Might Be, Might Be 2
WHat I GoT To DO 0
Right? 2
How do You Choose? 0
Confused 4
If Only I 1
True Story, No Answer 1
Watching the Sleeper 4
Tricks and Lies and Such 4