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I live alone but spend all my time off from work with my 3 sons. My
time alone days I work, I write as an outlet for feelings, emotions and stuff, just a hobby but it keeps me outta trouble. lol!


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Dagot'ee , dear friend Rog, another year brings us all together to say goodbye to 2014 as we welcome 2015 I want 2wish you a most Fascinatin' New Year filled With Happiness Light and all the good Stuff ((((huggs)))) Tierra N Terry too ;-)

Papa profile comment


I can relate to spending off days with my kids. Now it's grand kids. Writing is a release, some times there is just not enough time.



It is a very special time we can never get back once it's gone. I don't have grandkids yet, but beleive me, when the time comes they will own my heart! I always put my sons before stuff I needed to do and my oldest is 24 now, we are so close, he's my best and most trusted friend! I have 3 sons all 7 years apart in age, my youngest is 10 and he loves to write same as I do. I got a late start and I'm 54, As much as I love my sons, I can't imagine the love of a grandbaby, my heart would probaly burst! lol!

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hi mister...don't know if your still around, but i'm back. so, hello again. xo, SJ

wiredsavvy profile comment


thank you for the comments. when you "figure out" how to read my posts i would appreciate your feedback. from what you have posted so far.. i can hold great respect of your opinion and criticism. thanks, SJ

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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Title Comments
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My Window 0
My Gift 0
Frozen Tears 1
Homey 0
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Take The Ride 1
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Grandpa and Me 1
Old Tire Swing 2
New Life 1
Spirits In The Mist 2
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Lady Deep Freeze 2
Tail Lights 4
Waiting For Me 0
Path of Prayer 0
In Common 2
Nightmare or Dream 2
Mighty Little Bat 1
Marbles 2
Last First Kiss 1
Cupid's Fire 1
Blue Butterfly 1
Eight Legged Lady 2
Lady Bug 2
Guitar Strings 1
Knee That Bends 1
He Always Answers 1
Like A Mushroom 3
Talkin' To Me 1
A Kings Tale 2
White Water Dreams 1
Only A Man 1
Cup Of Birdseed 1
Black Dog 3
Flower Girl 2
Cold Outside 1
Sleep Talking 1
Sugar Coated Dreams 2
MY Script 1
Voices 2
Old Tire Swing 1
Passion 1
A Child Called Rain 4
Naked Beauty 2