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  • Location: Des Moines, GA
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I am a creative individual, seeking wisdom through gnosis. In my 20's I was a musician, event organizer, I ran and owned an Organic Coffee Shop/ Vegetarian Cafe, hosted Raves, and studied with a SD Medicine-Man . I am a retired Emergency Room Technician, EMT, and US Army Soldier Medic. As well I am an award winning poet, who also writes many types of music, short stories, novels, essays, critiques, and articles as a reporter. In art I do drawings, watercolors and photography. My favorite times lately are spent with my wife, son, and pets and doing all the activities I love including running over half a dozen creative internet sites.


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Very fine paintings in colors



Thank you very much.

knight4696 profile comment


swift - just want to thank you for your service and compassion you have for our country. It is greatly appreciated. Also, not sure what your profile picture is - but... it definately looks erotic. :}



It is a hummingbird at a flower. My Native name I was given is "Small Swift Bird" ie; Hummingbird. And I serve as a medic to use my healing abilities for my countrymen. One does not have to believe in the politics that place us at war in order to serve, only a desire to aid your fellow human once the machine is set in motion.

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

swiftbird2C’s Poems (95)

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Title Comments
The Prowl 1
A Fireside Verse 0
Winter Solstice Eve 0
Earth Signs 0
New Gods 0
The Language of the Soul 1
Of All The Stars We Have Collected 2
This Magic World 0
My Invitation 1
The Whispering Tree 0
Living In Another Long Dream 2
You Found Me (Once Again) 1
The Mercurial Quest 1
Within A Barren Life 0
The Inward Call 0
Morning Prayer 4
The Wild Card 1
Love Without End 4
Rainbows 0
Fireflies 1
A Lilac Flame 2
My Crimes, My Sentence 3
The Conception Of Thought 3
Angel Dance 3
The Voices Are Calling His Name 0
Into The Twilight 2
My Ruby Rose 0
A Light Went Out 0
To Leave My Son Behind 0
Dolphins At Sunset 1
This Moribund Reminder 0
On My Father''s Birthday 1
The Measure Of A Man 2
For Fear Of Being Forgotten 1
Southern Wind 1
The Hunger 2
The Dry Harvest 0
The Storm 1
I Am Awake, I Am Alive 2
The Somber Solstice 0
The Poet In Me 0
The Sky Is Clear 1
Rge Of Destiny 0
The Candle That Burns Too Quickly 2
Tender Mercies 0
Mother 0
Gather Your Young 0
The Scarlet Choice 0
Setting Suns 1
The Glow Of Decay 0
Run The Race With Endurance 1
Phantoms 3
Talismans, Amulets, And Charms
Lost Information 0
A Reminder 0
The Secret Fire 1
The Amber Voice 1
Stardust 2
Perfect Plan 0
Torn Asunder 1
The Gateway 0
We Stand Alone 0
The Healing 0
A Flicker Unto The Flame 1
Banishment 1
Child Of The First Garden 1
If Ever 0
The Tower 0
Coming of the Age 0
War Machine 2
Sins Of The Father 1
You Who Step In Shadows 0
Galleries Of The Gods 2
Past The Gates And Graves 2
Insipid Dawn 0
Forlorn The Fallen 4
Mirrored Lives 1
Book Of Love 2
A Star In The Center Of The Maze 1
The Empty Echo Of Silence (Moriah) 5
White Dove 1
Cloudscapes At Twighlight 3
A Winter's Moment 1
The Blood Of A Woman 2
Birth Call 1
The Theme For a Fashion Musuem 4
At Play In The Fields Of The Lord 3
My Wayward Journey Home 0
Harvest Season 2
Secret Garden 2
Storm Riding The Razor''s Edge 3
Ripples In The Water 7
Gnosis 3
The Next Dimension 3
Streaming Dream Of Conciousness 3