Poetic Philosophy


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    Poetic Philosophy

    I was told that my mind is a dangerous thing-
    Cause of the philosophy that it brings-
    Forth when I put pen & paper together-
    From the knowledge & wisdom that’s written whenever-
    I lay down my thoughts & ideas that are
    flowing thru my veins, releasing all my joy and my pain-
    For all to see, to feel, to touch- the depth of my emotions like a raging storm, that leaves destruction after it’s done-
    Sweeping through the city of my imagination
    Created by life’s havoc & frustrations-
    As my mind releases it’s feelings, that are jumbled & scattered,
    then pieces them together like a puzzle- so intricately woven
    As the pen flows on the paper like a symphony
    Releasing my words like harmony-
    Sometimes sweet- sometimes bitter-
    My words will make you quiver-
    From the bluntness they deliver-
    When I put pen & paper together:
    I was told that my mind is a dangerous thing-
    Cause of the philosophy that it brings-

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    mla commented on Poetic Philosophy


    Love your style. Cannot imitate you for sure. mla

    amamimichiyo commented on Poetic Philosophy


    It's a big WOW... I'm speechless..there's nothing I can say about ur poem.(",)

    SILKYTWEED commented on Poetic Philosophy


    Bravo...Excellent Write, yes the paper or screen in ablaze from this firery display of writing skills...lol....Love It...ONE

    PRober commented on Poetic Philosophy


    very nice poem and nicely written... keep up the good work!

    Phoenix9 commented on Poetic Philosophy


    very well written

    Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

    Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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