I Used To Love Him


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    I Used To Love Him

    From the moment I saw him- There was this chemistry-
    And though I tried to deny my history-
    Of falling in love at first sight-
    I knew I had to have him if only for one night-
    But one night turns into two, three, then four-
    And although we were only friends- Friends with benefits-
    It never was to become a relationship-
    But feelings came into play-My heart was in it to stay-
    Regardless of how you felt or what you had to say-
    I used to love him, and he was just to be a friend-
    But how do you tell a heart to pretend?
    Sunrise, my thoughts are of you-
    Sunset, I’m trying to forget-
    But as darkness fall, my thoughts surround and consume
    me to the point where I can’t sleep-
    Leaving my mind in a turbulent heap-
    While putting my body into a cold sweat-
    Images of pleasures spent-
    From passion that was heaven sent-
    Being with you was like a cleansing of my soul-
    Making me feel complete and whole-
    From all the years of emotional turmoil-
    Caused by being rejected and unappreciated-
    From all the times my love was not reciprocated-
    I used to love him, and he was just to be a friend-
    But how do you tell a heart to pretend?-
    We had a fight that last night-Everything happened so fast-
    As anger grew, emotions flew-
    From everything that happened in our past-
    I screamed he cursed-My feelings just burst, to the surface-
    I told him that I loved him-He said he didn‘t care-
    His heart was not into it- To love me he couldn’t do it-
    He only wanted the benefit-No longer the friendship-
    I couldn’t comprehend it, on why he wanted to end it-
    Somehow I am to blame-
    I put my feelings into it- Now our friendship won’t be the same-
    Being with him was an experiment that I will never regret-
    But it’s going to take my heart a minute to forget-
    I used to love him, and he was just to be a friend-
    But how do you tell a heart to pretend?-

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    amamimichiyo commented on I Used To Love Him


    WOW!!! I'm so amazed by your poem though it is simple and shallow, still, it really touches my heart. Yet, it was so painful. Wonderful and meaningful... Excellent!!! I love it.(",)

    SILKYTWEED commented on I Used To Love Him


    Oh My, this is off the chain, excellent write....I can so feel the hurt and pain from this experience you so expertly put to words....wow....Thanks for Sharing...like your skills girl!!! Keeping doing your thang....ONE

    Ceci716 commented on I Used To Love Him


    i love this one. best one i've read so far. i swear this poem reminds me of my life so much. i love the structure of the poem.

    harmony74 commented on I Used To Love Him


    God gave us one life..Let us not fake it eh? : ) Ahh..yes, to be true and be u and express those feelings..a risk worth taking for a friend.

    Sx9 commented on I Used To Love Him


    just greatlove it to the bone girl you are just incredible with words, can identified with this..walk good..

    In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

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