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    Encompassed by the fires of fear and anger,
    we are engulfed by what should have been, and what is.
    Energy begins to flow, its direction, the mind, its victim, a defenseless person, unknowingly  of their fate.
    Shall we have a toast to rage,
    Here, here,....
    How was your day?
    Well, I caused a pileup that killed two people,
    I broke four glasses and two plates
    I threw angry out the door and got behind the wheel of my new car.
    So far, my day has been typical.
    Complete with malice and a six pack of curse words to add to my day.
    How do you feel rage?
    Now, well , I feel  cold, and ashamed of what I have done,
    the harm that I have caused, and the lives that were lost.
    I should take the place of anger, yet anger does not try to succumb me, because it grows bigger and bigger, engulfing all whom comes in its path.
    I guess I shall die of anger and feel rage after I have arrived at my destination... which is hell.
    As rage leaves his toast to his friends, lust, gluttony, and anger, he notices a sign lined right in the middle of the road. The sign says "welcome to hell."
    "My work is never done," he says.

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    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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