Rough Seas


  • Confusion

    Rough Seas

    you used to like it nasty,
    tied firmly to the mast,
    but now the twisted beam you clung to,
    you cast off to the past.
    you danced like cinderella,
    the belle of every ball,
    but when the clock struck closing time,
    you were not there at all.
    like tinkerbelle you'd fly around,
    confusing with you dust,
    but when it came time to unveil your self,
    your reality was discust.
     You painted pretty pictures,
    but watercolors can't take the rain,
    the fact I thought you were human,
    means I'm the one insane

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    gailkindler commented on Rough Seas


    The ending,although somewhat amusing(I am told I have a weird sense of humor)is,unfortunately very true of some relationships.

    Tempestlady commented on Rough Seas


    Nice write, liked the rhythm, the subject was intriguing. I also enjoyed the way you ended it. We all grow and become different things throughout our life, so i guess thats why there can be only one right life mate. Lots of playmates along the way, but only one truly right. Write on.......................Tempestlady.

    Tony5880 commented on Rough Seas


    I like this poem I could feel the emotion rising from the words good write hey I just wrote a poem called toddlers repent I value your literary opinion so please critique toddlers repent

    cherrymccloud commented on Rough Seas


    " if you don't know me by will never never never never really know" after so many years, even IF you thought you knew someone,, ......." a change is gonna come, oh yes it is...... that's how life goes...seasons change,,shit happens...let go and move on...chalk it up as a lesson learned...good job!

    lyricvixen commented on Rough Seas


    the writer really know how to open your eyes and give you a push to there way of think in there point of view... i felt necked, like of had a lover of many years and he is now reviling our true state of love...



    thank you for reading my poem.

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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