The Game


The Game

What game are we playing now?
Shall I win or shall I lose?
What are the stakes this time,
eternal life or life with you?
The ladder has just seven rungs.
It won't take me to the top,
but if I'm due to take it down,
one wrong step and I'll fall off.
The street won't catch my tumble.
I'm hanging just above the well.
Looking up I see the streets of gold,
but my toes still tease the fires of Hell.
The beggar on the corner says.
Existence please, my daily bread.
On his breath the Ripple breathes.
empty my pockets, no lie, he's dead.
A Boy Scout helps the lady cross.
The coach volunteers after school.
The Priest takes confessions clothed,
but to altered boys has different rules.
What book are we to trust,
so many versions, so many takes.
We look into an Angels eyes,
but feel the heart of Satans snakes.
Love, compassion, and understanding,
but I can't understand hurt and pain.
I know one makes their own bed in Heaven,
but carrying the sheets is too much a strain.
The Answer was nailed to a cross.
Blood red questions scattered in the breeze.
On T.V. we watch the great interpreter,
but he didn't take the time to read.
On my knees, I seach my soul.
I'll keep the Devil waiting.
Through the questions, I still believe in God.
Cancel my reservation Satan.

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texaswriter commented on The Game


Some things made me a little fearful for you and then you cancelled your reservation with the devil. I just cancelled mine with him too a couple weeks ago after a brush with eternity.. Brave hearts like ours will live forever!!

Rhymer commented on The Game


An excellent write and the ending was perfect. One minor criticism Please increase the font size so the bi-focaled crowd can read your talent a little easier. 10 from me.

Teardrops commented on The Game


you will always be tops in the game my friend for you know what the stakes are and who you are loved the poem Marie

purpleswan commented on The Game


Very strong confidence in what you believe deep inside. Bravo!! .....Swan

mustascheman commented on The Game

07-29-2010 there something you have guilt for or just a plea to your 'god' for safety upon your passing? Fear not the dark side...we got the coolest parties yo!!!! Well written poem.



Dark side. I spent eleven years married to a cajun woman. I survived the dark side. thanks for reading my poem and cograts on the win.

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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