So Sorry


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    So Sorry

    The sky was grey today,
    even through my eyes of blue.
    Through the sunshine all was cloudy,
    because I had hurt you.
    When I woke up this morning ,
    I didn't get to look in your eyes.
    If you could see me I'm crying now,
    it should be no surprise.
    The clouds keep coming now,
    and I can't stop your pain.
    The clouds keep coming now.
    I think it's gonna rain.
    They say a man ,
     gets just what he deserves.
    I must have done gone and did somthing wrong,
     because all I got was hurt.
    The clouds are coming

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    BrokenHeart2009 commented on So Sorry


    It feels bad when you hurt someone. I think this poem is nicely written and one can feel the emotion.

    Rhymer commented on So Sorry


    I like your style, I feel the inner pain reaching out from this write. Nice piece.

    Teardrops commented on So Sorry


    You would be a asset to any relationship and sometimes we hurt and dont mean to . I am sorry are wonderful words and any person would accept them i do Marie

    alreedus commented on So Sorry


    Beautifully crafted - with the softest of bruhes. The words cascade onto a field of overcast skies

    bluewolf commented on So Sorry


    Such a melancholy sadness enveloped within the embrace of regret. “How we regret the transgressions of lost love, grieve what could have been. And yet tomorrow holds the promise of new beginnings and if the love that we mourn holds true the one which we love will return and we will start anew. If they do not, it was not meant to be. Do not waste your grief on the ‘not meant to be’ moments.”

    Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion.

    T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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