Running Shoes


Running Shoes

Her breath rushes out and as she sucks oxygen back into her lungs, she revels in the burn and ache it causes,
She runs, feet hitting soft down, jumping over fallen trees and broken limbs.
The thick air hugs her like a lover, and her muscles clench in protest as she pauses.
Out of habit, she glances over her shoulder, looking around the dense forest for any signs of him.

Running had become a reality for her, a sanctuary from the insane,
Her bruises were healed on the surface, but underneath always lurked.
Her life used to be endless parties, champagne, fashion, and pain.
Bands around his finger changed him to a monster, easily irked.

Nothing in her past could keep her tied to him, and even through the hits and throws, she fought his will,
For he was a tyrant, causing her agony even for the smallest of offenses.
She took nothing from her life, but simply took up wings and flew away, someplace calm, someplace still.
Seeing the sun setting, she stretches and calms her thoughts, letting her terror and misery be chased away by sense.

He'll never find me again, she vowed, as her feet took up flight once more,
Her breathing hitched, her muscles strained, but now she was free.
Jumping over logs and fallen limbs, she lets her freedom reign, lets her soul once again soar.
No amount of pain can hurt her now, she gets to choose who and what she will become, who she will be.

The future looks bright for the first time in years. Now that was worth running towards.

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Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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