A Siren's Call


A Siren's Call

They sing the sweetest of lullabies, meant to seduce and enchant, enthralling in the melody ringing about.
Ringing promises of pleasure fulfilled lingers in your ears, hypnotizing the senses as a lover's embrace.
Flying through waves and ringlets of sound, rebounding off the vessel carrying your souls, beating against the sides in a sliding shout.
Leaving the song of deceit resounding in your head, a terrifiying look of enrapture on your faces.

They will pull you into their arms, carry you down into the dark abyss,
As your silent screams create a myriad of colorless sound in the sea.
You risked it all, everything you held dear, all for one unfortunate kiss,
Now there's no love, only blackness, and no one to listen to your endless pleas.

You chose to heed the Siren's call, her scales beckoned your incessant gaze,
Your choice leaves fatherless babes behind, and a true-hearted woman wed to you on a distant dream.
You must live, if it can be called so, with this deadly and torturesome choice you've made,
Now the Gates of Hades beckon and draw you in, and only the Dead can hear your moans and screams.

She drew you into her arms and the Sea, for now you've succombed to the Siren's call. There's only Davy Jones to call you a fool from this day forward.

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burnningman commented on A Siren's Call


this is a great poem teaches a great story . just a poem of wit

ImStillHere commented on A Siren's Call


oh wow... i love this poem :) 10, like, srsly lol...

Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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