Our world will certainly end,
Though seem an eternity we will spend,
A decade, a century,
That seems to never end.

But Time almost will,
End up still,
Not dying, nor fading,
For another eternity, still.

Time passes by in eternities,
A thousand years seems so long,
But Time still remains going on strong,
And chases the years by holding patience in its hand.

And the Universe shall end,
No light shall shine again,
No novas, stars, quasars, shall ever shine again,
No hope, ever again,

So cherish this time,
For it will go by, though so slowly,
And still such a long distance,
But when the path of time,
Reaches its death,
Everything will end, and everything, will reach its death.

What is the virtue that Time doesn’t have?
What is it that Time cannot do?
What is it that Time does not have?
Perhaps Time’s path may be long, but it refuses to wait.
An unchangeable trait,

Not even the collision of galaxies,
Nor the destruction of the Universe,
Even the end of the existence,
Nor even the Apocalyptic ending,
Will match the end of time,

So, while you have it,
Go enjoy Time,
Live it, and have it in your life,
And go make much of time.

For, one day, Time may run out.
And there will be no more “time” to pout.

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FranzJ commented on Timend


and your only 16 - makes one stop and think ------------nice

Sheri commented on Timend


That's a great poem!

stormimartin commented on Timend


perfect 10 amazingly written I loved it

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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