What is a Wordspruer?


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    • "Wordspruer" An ability to set words in motion...

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    I am greatful of the ability to be able to have the gift from my "Heavenly Father"... And I do mean BLESSINGS... G.A.M

    What is a Wordspruer?

    Many may ask the meaning of this word (WordSpruer)???
    It is a word I made up to describe me by no words that can be any truer                                                                              
    Wordspruer , Wordspruer what is the is the meaning of this word???
    You can take it as a person who can set words in in ways to make thoughts known and heard...

    I can say words that can make your mind wonder a lot
    Then I can speak words that would lead you to naught

    A wordspruer can play with the words from Oxford, Britannica to Webster
    This would leave minds wondering what should be said any better

    To be able to twist words and leave your mind to wonder
    The same words can have the heavens cause clouds to roar and thunder

    A Wordsprurer has the ability to be able to draw ears to what is being said
    It can give you a lot to think about of words you may have read

    I like the name Wordspruer, for you may or may not uderstand my drift
    Isn't each and everyone of us a blessing of God's given Gift... (Communications of Words... )"WORDSPRUER" 11/12/09

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    Poetry is either something that lives like fire inside you or else it is nothing, an empty formalized bore around which pedants can endlessly drone their notes and explanations.

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