What is Happiness


  • Confusion

    What is Happiness

    What is Happiness?

    I ask because i do not know,

    I have experienced happy times,
    but happiness itself seems to escape me.

    I have felt joy and love
    I have had good times with friends

    I have relied on my family,
    and them on me

    I have climbed over my obsticles,
    but at the same time help others to climb theirs.

    I have had all these experiences and more,
    But the meaning of happiness in itself evades me.

    What is happiness?

    Is it the good memories that my heart holds dear?
    Or is it the moment of one time where you feel joy?

    For now I have been overcome by the bad memories,
    And the good ones are overwhelmed and dissapear from my mind.

    The momebts of joy have all but vanished,
    and now it feels as if that time has stopped.

    For what is happiness?

    I do not know

    But i have experenced sadness,
    and that meaning is all to well known to me.

    For I have felt death, and the first time was to much,
    but the second seemed like it would never stop

    I have watched it grow,
    That darkness that lies within peoples bodies and hearts,

    And i have seen them consumed by it,
    Ive watched the light well be overwhelmed and taken by the dark.

    But that light never burns out,
    It is just hidden by the dark sometimes.

    That light that shines in people always,
    Is that happiness?

    If that light where to surface,
    Would that person experience the true meaning of happiness?

    But most are in dispair,
    And that light is never found.

    But if I manage to take the first step.
    Will that light come out?

    For I can see into other peoples hearts,
    But my own stays a mystery.

    And this is why I ask,
    So that somone might see that light that shines within me.

    What is Happiness?
    And How can it be found?

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    Charlie23 commented on What is Happiness


    I imagine you enjoy philosophy as your writing seem to portray that image a bit. I like your work, it often gets me into some of my own deep thought!

    BlackKnightOS commented on What is Happiness


    I believe everyone at one time in life questions what happiness is. I know I have as a teen and even as a young adult. Keep up the good work.

    Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does.

    Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) U.S. poet.

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