Final Act


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5 minute rant

Final Act

I think my heart was built to beat for you
But I can’t watch from the sidelines
As you pass time
And look for ways to avoid life
There must come a time to bow out with grace
and dignity to save face
I know I promised I’d be there
Much like the wind whistling through the trees
When you needed me
But in tragedy my eyes can see
It’s better for me
to burn out than fade away In your memories
So don’t look for me in the turbulence of your misery
Just know my heart is with you
Just as it always was, in spite of me
In the present you are in no need of me
I’m well aware
But when darkness haunts your silent stare
Do not look for me.
My love is immortal but my presence must evanesce
And it shatters my heart to know this is best
So go on, move on, please forget about me
Don’t even look for me in your dreams
Not even going to say my goodbyes
Going to avoid that one last tear to cry
You have no more need of me
Nothing left to guide you through
No more use for my lonely heart
Since it was built to beat for you.

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kdarcy commented on Final Act


I love it, so real ... its sad so many have been there, but when its time its time. I have written of good-byes, hopeful moments, starting-over and falling/being in love. I like the structure and simple truth. If you find moment, look into my works, thanks, be well

Tyme commented on Final Act


Wow. Well, you can't say "I will go down with this ship!" This is sad, strong. Romantic love is so...emotional.



def not my best work, but a quick 5 minute rant really. thanks for comment :)

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.

Aristotle (384 BC-322 BC) Greek philosopher.

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