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  • Age: 33
  • Location: Princeton, NJ
  • Gender: Female
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I'm a sophomore at Princeton University, and in the fall semester I'll begin the Creative Writing program there. I'm so excited! I was first really exposed to poetry in the 5th grade, and I owe that teacher my very soul for bestowing me with this gift. Writing poetry is my passion, and I have yet to figure out what I'll do to pay the bills and support my habit of scribbling words on paper, as if words could save a wretch like me, and hoping you all hear echoes of yourselves in my voice.


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Sx9 profile comment


greetings,,love your vibes and wish you all the best,,oh yes we will read and share your future,it is as bright as the eastern star,,and just reach for it,,you are right there,,stay bless and walk good..

mamasan profile comment


Ah, I just had to click when I spied your name because Maya is one of my favoirte bards, from a long way back. May your journey in Princeton bring you many rewards.

christliked profile comment


can we read and rate each others poems?

blujean profile comment


i like ur pictures quite beautiful,i hope ur poems radiates much.hope to know u more

To have great poets there must be great audiences too.

Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)

MayaReid’s Poems (129)

Title Comments
Title Comments
A Discourse on Discourse 1
These Things 3
Figures 1
i should tell you 3
Empire State 0
Come Hell or High Water 1
Where Do We Go From Here? 2
Dispersal 0
Let Me Count the Ways 1
I am (or Kujichagulia) 2
Six Degrees of Steparation 1
My Best Friend's Wedding 0
Reflection 0
The Writing on the Walls 0
To My Mother, on Her Fortieth Birthday 2
Drunk Savior 0
Dear Son/Daughter 2
Escape Velocity 2
The Whisper 4
Rocks and Shoeboxes 1
The Day We Almost Kissed 1
Loving and Leaving 0
The String that...Saved Me? 0
The Love of My Life: Take Two 0
The Divorce 0
The Garden of Life 2
Some Things I Know 1
And One for Me? 4
Storms 2
Spider 0
Specks -2
Sorrow 0
Sonnet III 0
Sonnet II 0
Sonnet I 0
Sometimes 0
So They Told Me Society... 0
So I Heard In Class Today 0
So Far Away 0
So Beautiful 1
She Will be Missed 0
She Didn't Know 0
Running for My Life 1
Revolution Pie 0
Revision 0
Rejection 0
Questions 0
Pinnochio 0
Owl 0
Over You 1
Our Silent Stranger 0
Our Broken Possibility 0
Originality 1
One Coke with Two Straws 0
On Loan from the Universe 0
Nothing But Tomorrows 0
Not to Be 0
Not So Constructive Criticism 0
No One Knows 0
My Wish 0
My Shackles 1
My Friends 0
My Dream Truth -1
My Box 0
Mother Dearest 0
More 0
Mixed Signals 0
Maybe Crazy is Catchin' 0
Maya... 0
Loving You 0
Love 0
Losing Someone 2
Life 0
Letting Herself Love You 0
Faith 0
Kryptonite 1
Just Listen 3
It Seems Like I Can Only... 1
Incarcerated 0
If the Whole Wide World Was Up to Me 0
If Only 0
I Told You That I Loved You 0
How Did You Get Here? 1
Hoping Against Hope 0
Hold Fast to Love 0
Her Missing Soul 0
He Told Me He Was Coming 0
Half 0
Growing Up With You 0
Go Ahead and Gasp 0
Giving Thanks 0
Game. Set. Match. 0
Freedom 0
For You I Will 0
Flying from the Masquerade Ball 1
Finding the Lost You 0
Fell 0
Falling 1
Extraordinary Girl 1
Effortless 0
Dying Without You 0
Drifting Apart 1
Don't Make Me Any Promises 0
Differences 2
Did You Ever Wonder... 2
Despite Our Efforts 1
Depression 3
Defining Me 1
Deeper 1
Dear Daddy 3
Come to Me 0
Closets 3
Broken, Bruised, and Bloody 2
Breaking Through the Sky of Lies 1
Blue 3
Bloody Love 0
Birthday 1
Between 0
Be Good to Your Daughters 2
Band Aids 1
An Ode to Music 4
An Ode to Dreaming 1
Americans, the Circus Folk 4
Alone 2
A.D.D. 3
A Not a Poem Poem 3
A Love Forgotten 3
A Love Deferred 1
A Beautiful Lie 7