His Eyes


  • Emotional

    His Eyes

    Blue. Like the ocean...
    Glaring at me like a cutting knife.
    Subtle, but not simple.
    Telling me to give in, and obey.
    I do not like these stares;
    Walk away, girl..while you still can.
    How could something so beautiful bring such despair?
    Wanna run fast toward a new life
    Wish those eyes would let you be free and go with me.
    But they cannot let go of their insecurities.
    Yes, I gotta be on my way..
    Before his eyes catch back up to me.

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    Kandrew commented on His Eyes


    Blue. Like the ocean you say...don't stand there at the shore staring at that sea, because in time, with each lap of water at your feet, the sand sweeps up around your ankles and before you know it it's up to your chest, right about the place where your heart lives. Walk away? No...you Run girl...RUN! And don't look back! Go get that new life and find a pair of eyes that ADORE you...glaring is for the eyes of our enemies. Enjoyed the poem!

    Artie commented on His Eyes


    It's amazing how easily emotion can change a person's eyes. The intensity in this is real strong. Line #9 was distracting due to the wording. But overall nice job.

    laydbak1 commented on His Eyes


    I enjoyed the point and meaningful thrust of this one... The changing tenses of the voice, especially at the end was a bit distracting, but overall a good write...

    lightcourier commented on His Eyes


    Nice work. Thanks!

    lonewolf commented on His Eyes


    very nice. i really like how you did this poem. well done

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