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Now here's something you should know about me and you probably would have gotten this feel from my poems. I was young and naive. Face it I'm still young but wiser than my peers. I have trust issues, but I am confident. I lost my closest friend and family member at only 8 years old. I tried to take my own life once, twice, even three times and yet I'm still here. I've been writing poetry since I could write so 5 years old. Most of those poems however I never got around to re-typing them onto this site... I wish for others to learn from my mistakes and many have. I am very defensive so call me something I don't like or mention something about me that you think isn't a good thing and you'll be bombarded with private messages, although I welcome constructive criticism. It always helps. ;) I am strong.... and will help anyone in need. I'm active, but don't get on often. Private message me and I'll get back to you when I can! I'm an independent woman making my own path away from society. I couldn't care less about how society views me. Fuck the haters, though they're good motivators.


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Happy 2013!

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No one shines like you Da Princess. Keep shining up all the paths that are dark.



Thx.... And I only shine as bright as those around me.... But I get what u mean

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Thanks that is you in that picture Full of color while other is in black and white .:)




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My Royal Love 2 you Princess Ur a candle that gives everlasting light. We fight for what is right. We pick up the ones that thought they were forever down and out. We bring poetry like water for those living in a drought. Are KinGDoM is forever and expanding. We have wise thoughts ,when ever we are planning. We lead the direction. We turn hate into affection. For all those that think they don't need us they're going to wish they had. Leadership we bring and joy we bring when our people are sad. May God shine upon us and continue to help whenever we're facing trouble. We pop, so people can be free from their bubble. You're much stronger now because of the things you been through. That is why You're Da Princess Your Royalty no one can take away from you. We have so much farther to go in this life's long and bumpy ride. Together we will get through this ,as I'm glad you're by my side. Love You Always Da KinG



I know that many call you the KinG but it was meant for you, no one take that away... ur truth is what truth means.... ur words are the path sent from God..... now yes we lead and I'm proud ur by my side... and what you've been through in life makes you stronger than I.... thank you for the help now that's why I help you. You are the one the leads and I follow leading others as I wander. You started it and God shall end it once our mission is complete! :) ~Love Da Princess...

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Love your new Bio. You're Amazing :)



Thx.... Ur an amazing poet! :) I write the trith and speak it.... learned from those on here quite well if I do say so myself..

Poetry is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality.

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965) American-English poet and playwright.

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