(format for treatment of hypothermia)

You have to help yourself. Get out, leave the cold, somehow block the gusts of jagged voices. Take off the robe soaked with compassion, burn it and cook something sweet on the fire. Call the women who still have money for chocolate and rum, let them hit you until you breathe. Do not trust the healing properties of time, break every watch and the rules that ask for it.  A slap while dreaming and the energy will curl your hair again.  The same movie every night for a week, sigh each time at a shirtless Wolverine. No direct heat, If you are bitten use a joint sleeping bag for a salve.  Stop beating yourself up, it is better to stare a hole into glass than to kick it out. Shivers are benign, just warm and rewarm the body, say everything out loud even the count of pulse, sing. Turn confused thoughts into poetry, inject it into your blood, bypass the heart and kindle the body… your life.

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Kanicki commented on Rekindle


This is perhaps one of the best pens I've read in a long time about moving on from a blue funk. You have a amazing use of metaphors, a lot of depth in your writes. Peace, Light and Love

Springsize commented on Rekindle


what a concrete grasp of emotional control and focused direction you show in this poem.. and it's real, honest and kind... I like this.

MindNumbing commented on Rekindle


I love this 'guide to getting out of your funk'!! Particularly the line ~ "Do not trust the healing properties of time, break every watch and the rules that ask for it." Time only works as a healing agent in minor bouts. The major ones usually take a kick in the butt :)

alb29oclfl commented on Rekindle


from with in each story and every poem I write someone moves out and in the golden silence another moves in but chocolate and rum sound so good, a wonderful write

KLS commented on Rekindle


Turn confused thoughts into poetry!!! True that! Gypsys reborn! We still get good fortune. Paper is cheaper than crystal!!!



LOL thanks for commenting on my poem. little unclear you do like it right ? lol



oh I didnt see the rating number... thanks

Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher.

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