born in this world with nothing but a desire to live
   the first time you see your mother you want to hold her closer and closer
and never let her go but she knows that soon the bird will flock wings and be able to fly to heaven may you stop.soon learning to see you can feel the pain on the earth the rip in the trees, the scares on the faces of women, the worst of all the rape of a people. you remeber the lessons of your mother her lessons flock in your ear
                    "life is short keep the ones you love in your heart,but keep the one you can save even closer"
so you do just that freeing even the smallest of life. you gain honors and medals but what truely gives you the thing you love most the feeling of peace is that you saved many lives.and on your death bed you even feel it so slowy you feel that your tired your so tired closing your eyes slowly you drift away. and in your sleep you hear
"my son, i love i will always love you good job you've done well now sleep darling sleep your legacy will live on now just sleep rest is needed for adventure and love is needed for joy"

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kmooney commented on soldier


Very emotional. I am not quite sure of your background but it sounds to me that you have a deep respect for your parents and they are very proud of you. Were you a soldier? Did you see action? I cannot imagine the horror and heartbreak of war. Your poem certainly gives me cause to pause. Things to consider. If you have been or are a soldier, I am glad you're safe. I'm sure your parents are as well. Thanks again... K

daydreamer23 commented on soldier


very moving poem and also well written its simple and beautiful :)..................................

Poetry is what is lost in translation.

Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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