Sonnet 2 ~ My Midnight Sky


Poem Commentary

Sequel to Sonnet 1

Ok, yes, it's sappy, especially for me... But sonnets are SUPPOSED to be sappy.... I PROMISE I won't let it get to my head. LOL!

Sonnet 2 ~ My Midnight Sky

Wonderful are you as the midnight sky
Like the stars shining with unhidden truth
Constellations to beautifully guide
A wonder beyond any Earthly worth
I know you guide my soul to joy so nigh
A moon to light all of the mystical path
Mesmeric beauties showing your love's light
A loving sky to eternally last
A nightmarish dream of dawn arriving
The sun hidng you from my longing eyes
Dreadful opinions stealing you from me
'Twould be hell to have such a glaring sky
So how do I not wake with woe so true?
Just simply knowing that I still have you

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Springsize commented on Sonnet 2 ~ My Midnight Sky


And here is Sonnet 2 of three so far... and the first of your's, SuperChick, in this dance of twohearts ... and your poem speaks of the warmth, the trust you feel with him as a light guide, you love to see him as starlight, ever bright, from once, a dark night...

Charlie23 commented on Sonnet 2 ~ My Midnight Sky


This is awesome! I love the idea of the midnight sky - it is almost magical, and you've brought the idea to life in this poem!

Marsink commented on Sonnet 2 ~ My Midnight Sky


The life-like character attributed to the night sky is very admirable: your lover and friend! I had never considered the day as being a downer, of course, unless, it hides the vision of your soul's longing. Quite the poet!!! Applause building!!!

angel33614 commented on Sonnet 2 ~ My Midnight Sky


Truely beautiful poem, just breath takeing, bravo! So filled with emotional bliss and pure happiness, it beams of the inner light and love you two share, a things of pure beauty! Your midnight sky was always longing as it seemed to always be missing just a hint of something, now that your two souls have been joined as one, a new star has been born upon the horizon of the sky. Your midnight sky is now in full bloom and complete, two souls, two minds, two bodies, now joined as one eternal star... Perhaps I see, perhaps I am blind as a bat. Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility your friend ANGEL aka The poem buster

Maleficent commented on Sonnet 2 ~ My Midnight Sky


I found it! ;) and it was worth the wait! not only is this full of love, but yearning & desire as well... write on! ;)

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