A new life


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    A new beginning

    A new life

    It is time to forget you
    For what you put me through
    I now can put behind me the
    terrible things you did
    You put me through misery
    day and night
    At least now I can sleep
    at night
    No more black eyes to wear
    behind the makeup and tears
    My mind is clear from the
    Misery of you
    I know now what I have to do
    I have to go on in my life
    It  has been a life of pain
    Now I know that I have nothing to
    gain. Being with you has brought me
    down on to the ground
    My children don't cry at night for fear
    of you beating me
    They are better off with out you
    The tears have gone since you went
    I have a new beginning every day
    I can hold my head up and I don't look
    back at the terrible things you took from
    my life
    You took my freedom to have friends
    You took my life for a while
    Now its time to move on in
    my life
    Maybe I can find some peace in my life
    With out you I can can go on with my

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    jyothi commented on A new life


    Poem displays the suffering and anguish. I like the poem.

    pfr717 commented on A new life


    Sometimes bad endings of our past can serve as a strong foundation for a more deserving future. You're a beautiful person with a beautiful family and the promise of a much happier future awaits your discovery. Keep the faith armymom 1025, your new begining holds great pomise wrapped in peace and love.



    thank you for taking time to read my poem and commenting. Pleasse check out my new one about our forefathers thanks, cindy

    redbloodink commented on A new life


    This poem reminded me of many things in life....... The one thing that it really reminded me of is the misery I use to live in.... it was my own and what I let others put off on me... Now I have been freed of that by the love of God..... red



    thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem it is really appreciated

    Poetry is what is lost in translation.

    Robert Frost (1875-1963) American Poet.

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